12 August 2014


As of late, my adventures have been sort of adult-y, like first professional internship and graduating undergrad and pseudo long distance relationshipping and starting grad school. After a bit of a paradigm shift and an attitude adjustment by this little Peter Pan, I'm coming into really enjoying these happenings and seeing them as the adventures they are. And, can I just say, it's a whole lot more fun this way.

This past weekend can henceforth be known as the new apartment dweller adventure. How lucky am I to get the chance to start completely from scratch, armed with my own personal Chip and Joanna, and tailor a great space to my own weird likings? Super duper lucky, for sure. A misplaced mattress+sofa order resulted in a couple of nights sleeping on a yoga mat. New revelations and last minute preference changes resulted in many, many Target runs. "Take a night to sleep on it"s resulted in two trips up to Chamblee Antique Row. BUT! A misplaced mattress+sofa order also resulted in finding a better deal and much better customer service. New revelations and last minute preference changes also resulted in having everything I need and liking everything I have. Two trips up to Chamblee Antique Row resulted in some really cool pieces that I am beyond excited about and, who am I kidding, antiquing is just a whole lot of fun (and we may or may not have found some tasty ice cream). And the cumulative results? I could not be happier. I think I can be a grad student now.

Here are some panoramas, because I am all about that panorama life.

#tyj and #ptl for my parents being steadfast and patient. Y'all rock.

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  1. Did you go to My Favorite Place in Chamblee? Awesome flea market/antique awesomeness.

    Also, this might be the creepiest thing I've ever said, but I think I know what apartment complex you're in based on the pictures...