19 August 2014

Tuesday Tea: Kerry Edition

This is my Kerry inspired post, because that girl is a creative spitfire and reading her blog constantly motivates me to write, create, and drink (tea). So join me as I take a cup of Yogi Egyptian Licorice from my Penguin Classics Jane Eyre mug and tell y'all all about Kerry's influence on my life as of late.

First: I started knitting a dish towel as a gift for my mom at the beginning of the summer, inspired by all of the handmade gifts that Kerry cranks out. I lost patience with the project when I realized that the yarn I chose didn't work well with the pattern I was knitting and when I suddenly got to a row with 58 stitches instead of 57 and even after three times of undoing the row and redoing it still did not end up with the right count. Well, this past week I finally picked that sucker back up and with some stitch dropping and pattern fudging magic managed to finish an undersized dish towel slash oversized mug rug that only a mother could love. You're welcome, Mom.

Second: I've read a lot of good books lately, a fact which will probably show up again in it's own post. One of those books, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, was recommended to me by Miss Kerry. It was the Scottish time traveling love story guilty pleasure that this history loving romantic needed for a good summer read. Not gonna lie, some days I left work early just to cozy up in bed and read for hours on end.

Third: Kerry has been cooking her way through one of Pioneer Woman's cookbooks this year, trying at least one new recipe a month. How cool is that? Really cool. So cool that I am going to flat out copy cat. I've been hoarding Lisa Fain's The Homesick Texan Cookbook since freshmen year, and it's high time I stop gawking at the pictures and start whipping up some home cooking.

Fourth: Kerry, you are admirably faithful in writing to your blog. And admirably honest with what you say. And I enjoy it immensely. You inspire me to write more, and often. Plus, you comment on my posts which always lights up my day.

And that is this Tuesday's Tea.

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  1. Molly, you are the absolute sweetest. This was the best surprise, and it could not have come at a more perfect time. So thank you. Your friendship means so much to me <3