03 February 2014

Sound the Alarm

I've had "alarms" on my mental list of potential blog topics for a really long time. It's one of those things that seems super interesting until you go back and read it on a list of potential blog topics. And speaking of going back and reading, I've linked quite a few of these to their actual stories if I happened to blog about them at the time.

4:01 AM
Drive Jeff to da Big D!!!
This was for driving Jeff to catch an early flight. The three exclamation points are there to trick me into thinking that getting up at 4:01 is kind of exciting. I don't think they worked.

4:14 AM
Siberian Departure Time
This was for waking up on our last day in Tomsk this summer to get on the bus to the airport. It was a sad goodbye.

4:33 AM
5 AM Donut Crew
This is when I wake up to get donuts at 5 AM

4:38 AM
This was to get me up in time for the bus to the Frankfurt airport on my last day of my study abroad in Metz. It was not necessary because I stayed up the whole night playing Minesweeper on my phone and using my dorm's FTP to download movies. Occasionally sleep is difficult for me.

4:43 AM
This was the time I woke up on our last day in Moscow this summer to catch our flight back to the U.S. It was after realizing I could download a Cyrillic keyboard on my phone and thinking that was really neat.

5:00 AM
Let's Go Home, Baby Girl!
I think this was for the day after one of my more emotionally taxing semesters. I probably went to bed really late and woke up pretty early in order to start the drive back to Tejas. If you must know, sometimes I refer to myself as baby girl because it's comforting.

5:10 AM
Yoga, Yoga, Yogissima
This is when I get up to go to 5:30 yoga with my mama. Obviously a reference to Phantom of the Opera.

5:20 AM
Hot hot heat transfer
I guess I woke up at 5:20 once to study before taking a heat transfer exam. I didn't listen to Hot Hot Heat but my drill team squad officer in 8th grade did and I wanted to be exactly like her.

5:40 AM
HoT cHoCoLaTe
This was for the 5K I ran on my birthday last year and threw up all day thereafter.

6:00 AM
Metz kommt
This woke me up to get to the airport for my flight to Frankfurt for my study abroad in Metz, France so it needed to be in German.

6:15 AM
Brandon's IHOP Send Off
Brandon threw himself a pancake party before heading home after Thanksgiving this year.

6:20 AM
Terrrrrmo Test
This was to get up and do some studying before my thermodynamics exams. Foreign professors rarely catch hang of the whole th business.

6:50 AM
Time For Regionals!
I want to say this was for some UIL regional event in Waco, probably senior year LitCrit and Ready Writing. I don't know what else I've ever qualified for regionals in except for the Kilgore science fair in middle school (every single year, thank you very much).

7:00 AM
Together in Paris
This was the time we were supposed to wake up in Paris but I think Brandon and I slept through both of our alarms and ended up rolling out of bed much later when the mama knocked on the door. Oops. It's also an Anastasia quote that I had to spend several minutes on deliberating which one to use.

7:30 AM
ANS is the Best!
For some reason ANS had me waking up at 7:30. I cannot remember why, but this is my general wake-up alarm and every morning I am again reminded that ANS is, in fact, the best.

8:05 AM
Time to Turkey Trot
This was for the time Brandon and I decided to run a 5K on Thanksgiving.

8:30 AM
Germany Adventure Time
I guess this is when we woke up in Germany in order to explore castle ruins and the like.

9:00 AM
Churchy Church
This is for church, but I typically attend the early service and rarely require an alarm past 8:30, so it's a little obsolete and doesn't have a cool story to warrant sticking around. I forgot it was there until I wrote a blag post about my phone alarms.

iPhone alarms are a weird little scrapbook.

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